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nnbMEDPOL Programme is in charge for the follow up work related to the implementation of the LBS and Hazardous Wastes Protocols. MEDPOL Unit assists Mediterranean countries in the formulation and implementation of pollution monitoring programmes, including pollution control measures and the drafting of action plans aiming to eliminate pollution from land-based sources.


In agreement with the Art. 5 of the LBS protocol, in the late 90ies, Contracting Parties have adopted the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) to guide the formulation, adoption and implementation of LBS national action plans (NAP). Agreed to monitor the implementation of SAP and NAP through National Baseline Budget (NBB) which is an inventory of the pollutant’s releases from all substantial Land Based Sources of the Contracting Parties on yearly basis.


The assessment of the pollutants’ loads constitutes an important tool for both identifying and prioritizing issues to be addressed in the NAPs and evaluating the level of achievement of SAP MED targets through the implementation of the NAPs. In this context, the Countries prepared their first NBB in 2003 and based on this a NBB guidelines has proposed.


In 2018, in order to support this data flow obligation, INFO/RAC has implemented the National Baseline Budget as Data Centre reporting system flow.

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