Data Centre

The Data Centre is a technological infrastructure consisting of a series of components, web-based tools and applications. Its purpose is to improve the harmonisation and standardisation of the management of data flows, from the detailed definition of the required data to the delivery of the final information products such as reports or environmental indicators. The services available through the Data Centre are the following:

Data Centre

  • People directory that is the stores users' credentials and information and allows to implement a SSO mechanism between infoMAP services; 
  • Groupware that is a web application that offers a set of tools useful to share documents, drafts, minutes, etc. among the MAP Components of UN Environment Programme/MAP;
  • Data Dictionary that is a component system able to manage the different data flow, defining for each schema, Vocabularies/Code lists, quality control, etc;
  • Data Repository that is a share directory where each country can upload their data reporting, following the different data flow procedures and
  • Web form for reporting that is a web tool to compile the reporting obligation data flow, this is able to create an empty copy of report that each country can fill using web form or other tool procedures.


The Data Centre, that is the core of InfoMAP System, is able to manage different data flows to support the obligation of Barcelona Convention. The following data flows are configured:

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