BCRS Reporting

BCRS Reporting

The Barcelona Convention Reporting System (BCRS) is the infoMAP module that allows Contracting Parties to report under Article 26 of the amended Barcelona Convention and several articles of different MAP protocols. The main objective of the system is to collect, store, manage and process compliance reporting data (textual and numerical) related to the implementation of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols. The MAP Secretariat has legal responsibility for the BCRS, while INFO/RAC is responsible for its operation and development.

The data flow within Data Centre is subdivided in seven mandatory Protocols that Contracting Parties have to report:

  • Dumping Protocol;
  • Land-Based Sources (LBS) Protocol;
  • SPA Protocol;
  • Prevention and Emergency Protocol;
  • Offshore Protocol;
  • Hazardous Wastes Protocol;
  • ICZM Protocol.

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