MEDPOL Info System

MedpolInfosystem.jpgThe main aim of MEDPOL programme is to contribute to the management of Mediterranean coastal waters and sensitive areas by trend monitoring of contaminants and loads, biological effects monitoring and compliance control of pollutants. This activity generates information or data of several type called MED POL data, among which is relevant the inventory of the results' analyses of samples taken on defined locations (stations). This inventory is defined as the MONITORING dataset.


The system is intended to provide tools for managing, sharing and preserving pollution MONITORING data and information for MEDPOL Programme, providing to the Contracting Parties and MEDPOL Unit a system to collect and analyse the Compliance monitoring and Pollution Monitoring data. It is envisioned as a networked information system set to become a central support system for MEDPOL activities within the legal responsibility of MPIS, whereas INFO/RAC is responsible for its operation and development.

A specific English guideline to provide and collect data is provided below:

MEDPOL Monitoring User Manual

Explanatory Note for MEDPOL Monitoring Data flow preparation

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