The project is set-up to “Support Mediterranean Member States towards the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive new GES Decision and programmes of measures and contribute to regional/sub-regional cooperation”.

The main objective of the MEDREGION project is to complete gaps in monitoring data in the Mediterranean region/sub-regions by improving the data/information collection for the regional GES assessment and for the updated monitoring programmes, to be aligned and coherent to the IMAP process. This activity should take into account INSPIRE, EMODNET and WISE-Marine, as well as CORMON.

The main outcome from INFO/RAC are:

  • Survey of Mediterranean countries on the monitoring planned activities;
  • Data Catalogue of data available;
  • First release of Info System implemented available;
  • Final release of Info System implemented available;
  • Data collection and Data models definition;
  • Info System technical and non-functional requirements;
  • Report of the analyses of the links between monitoring and pressures for all relevant descriptors;
  • Info System Implementation and functionalities.

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