The scope is to reduce the marine pollution in the Mediterranean by developing a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) supporting the regular production and sharing of quality environmental data, indicators, and information.

The institutional partners are (a) UN Environment Mediterranean Action Plan (UN Environment/MAP) and (b) European Environment Agency (EEA)

The countries partners are (a) Algeria; (b) Egypt; (c) Israel; (d) Jordan; (e) Lebanon; (f) Libya; (g) Morocco; (h) Palestine; and (i) Tunisia.

THE AREAS OF WORK are (a)National work plans; (b) Indicators and assessment; (c) Data and statistics; and (d) Data management and infrastructure where INFO/RAC and EEA are co-leader.

The main role of INFO/RAC is to develop an infrastructure in line with EU standards with the purpose of supporting countries in reporting good quality data. The data are relative to water, waste and industrial emissions.

If you want further information on the project, please visit its website at this address https:/

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