At COP21 in Napoli (2-5 December 2019), SCP/RAC, through the SwitchMed Programme, presented an exhibition that showcases the success stories of small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs that implement circular economy principles in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The exhibition was held together 2 exhibitions that offer an articulated path that invites the visitor to learn  about Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Marine Litter.  It revolves around the main prin­ciples of the circular economy such as resource efficient and cleaner production, eco-design practices, reduce-reuse-recycle (3R) strategies, service based business models. The exhibition invites the COP21 participants to read inspiring stories of change agents from the Southern Mediterranean, who are implementing sustainable consumption and production practices.

All of the protagonists of these success stories, coming from 8 countries -- namely Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia -- are beneficiaries of the SwitchMed Program, who have turned environmental challenges into opportunities. The success stories that can be seen range from recycling single-use plastic bags in order to turn them into stylish purses, to improvements in the eco-design of couscous packaging, to the valorization of downgraded dates. The exhibition also aims at emphasizing best practices and inspiring others to switch to sustainable consumption and production practices.

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