At COP21 in Napoli, INFO/RAC presented an exhibition that showcases different aspects about Marine Litter.

The exhibition aimed to inspire others to switch to a responsible behaviour.

Why there are so many wastes and plastic in the sea? Might we do something to help environment and animals?

The exhibition explains these issues using simple communicative panels.

The exhibition on Marine Litter in the Mediterranean, included panels  of PLASTICA(MENTE), an itinerant exhibition about waste in the sea, organized by ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) within the IPA Adriatic "DeFishGear" project, and evocative pictures collected during deep sea surveys and other projects studies.

The exhibition was held together with two other exhibitions offering an articulated path and inviting the visitor to learn more about Biodiversity and Circular Economy inside the COP21 Pavillion organized by INFO/RAC.

The COP21 Pavillion has been organized with a focus on sustainability: all the materials used were recyclable. About 100 wood and paper panels have been built. The aim of the Pavillon was to illustrate the MAP System, highlight the COP21 main themes and offer insight on three emerging issues:

  • The wing dedicated to the MAP System included panels relating to the MAP Coordinating Unit, MED POL and Regional Centres presenting the main activities and results of the last biennium.
  • In the side events room (Siren Room) 8 panels on the official COP21 themes were displayed: Marine Litter, Blue Economy, Biodiversity and Climate Change.
  • The evocative setting of the Dungeon Room hosts 3 exhibitions that offered an articulated path that invites the visitor to discover more about Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Marine Litter.

Several other spaces of the Castel are set up for different activities with participants: COP21 video trailer displayed in the hall of the Plenary Room, twitter corner for the collection of key messages etc.

For more information visit COP21 website

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