A healthy Mediterranean is possible if the region overcomes challenges

The relationship between human health and natural ecosystems is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers. Human health and well-being are influenced by the goods and services provided by ecosystems, including in the Mediterranean region.

Human activities such as bottom trawling and microbial and chemical contamination threaten Mediterranean marine organisms that provide bioactive substances used to develop new drugs to treat major human diseases, including cancer. Contamination also adversely affects the recreational use of coastal and deep-sea waters. It is therefore necessary to preserve the goods and services provided by Mediterranean marine ecosystems in order to enhance the benefits and minimize the risks to health.

According to the report, 15 per cent of deaths in the Mediterranean are attributable to preventable environmental factors compared to 23% globally; in 2016, more than 228,000 people died prematurely from exposure to air pollution, the main cause of environmental morbidity and mortality in the region.


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