The Mediterranean: A climate change hotspot

The Mediterranean basin is warming 20% faster than the global average, in particular because of the faster warming of ambient air and sea surface in all seasons. While the average air temperature in the world is now about 1.1 ° C above pre-industrial values, the Mediterranean region is approaching a warming of 1.6 ° C. The IPCC predicts a rise in temperatures of 2 to 3 ° C by 2050, and an increase of 3 to 5 ° C by 2100 in this region.

The report reveals several objectives and action plans to be put in place. For example adapting to climate change in agricultural, urban and coastal areas requiring significant investments;  anticipating adaptation, choosing “no regrets” solutions including nature-based solutions, and effectively involving the private sector (including banks and insurance companies) in order to reduce financing needs; improving public access to information and public involvement, as well as raising awareness of sustainable development that are essential to act in an inclusive manner in favor of transitions and to raise the political profile of environmental issues; and also effective policies for a transition to sustainability that require an inclusive and integrated approach bringing about changes in behavior at all levels.


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