The online Workshop to enhance regional cooperation in responding to marine oil and HNS pollution in the Mediterranean (MEDEXPOL 2020) proposed a set of recommendations to progress on the set-up of a common emergency communication and reporting systems, the use of a harmonised regional approach to assess preparedness for oil spill, the finalisation of a highly expected multi-regional chemical spill response manual and the creation of synergies between sub-regional agreements in the Mediterranean. The online workshop was  organised  by REMPEC in close co-operation with the Secretariat General de la Mer (SGMer, France), in the framework of the Western Mediterranean Region Marine Oil and HNS Pollution Cooperation (West MOPoCo) project co-financed by the European Union Civil Protection.

MEDEXPOL 2020 gathered more than 75 participants from 14 countries from the Mediterranean region and 7 countries from the North Sea, the Baltic and Canada, and other partners 

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