On the occasion of the two World Days dedicated respectively to the Environment and Oceans, which took place on 5 and 8 June 2021 respectively, UNEP / MAP has drawn up several articles in order to mark these two events in the Mediterranean Region. The 2021 edition of World Environment Day has been marked by the formal launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 while the one of World Oceans Day has celebrated the theme “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods”. These two themes are intertwined, especially in the Mediterranean context, because ecosystem restoration, that have suffered degradation or destruction, and conservation of these latter are essentiel to preserving marine life and livelihoods.

The GEF-supported “Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme): Enhancing Environmental Security (2020-2025)” is a response to the challenges  affecting densely populated coastal regions and their ecosystems. UNEP/MAP led the elaboration of a set of seven child projects that will deploy more than 100 coordinated actions at the regional and national levels. art1 photo4©Renaud DUPUY DE LA GRANDRIVE.jpg

The MedProgrammme will reinforce the capacity of ten Mediterranean countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey) in order to reach their environmental objectives under the Barcelona Convention and other Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).

An unprecedented partnership for regional cooperation has rallied behind the MedProgramme’s execution to address pressing challenges in the region, including the high pressures exerted on water (aquifers, in particular, as a major water resource in contexts of scarcity) and on habitats, biodiversity and landscapes. The emission of nutrients and wastewater, solid waste, marine litter and microplastics, as well as industrial waste are also addressed. National and transboundary interventions will seek to achieve environmental security in the entire Mediterranean region through the reduction of land-based pollution in coastal hotspots, the enhancement of sustainability and climate resilience in the coastal zones, and the protection of marine biodiversity.

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