During May and June, final activities of the Interreg AdriAdapt project were carried out. UNEP MAP’s PAP/RAC, together with Croatian partners of the Project, held the final conference "Climate is changing, and so should we!"for Croatian audience on 11 May, while Italian partners met the day after. Final conference of the AdriAdapt Project was held on 9 June named “Knowledge for local resilience”, and unlike previous two that were held in national languages, this one was held in English.

Interreg AdriAdapt project is a joint effort of six Italian and five Croatian partners with the aim of promoting local and regional climate resilience through development of the knowledge platform needed to identify appropriate options for adaptation to climate change and related planning. AdriAdapt project is funded by the European Union from the European Regional Fund.

Final online events in May and June brought together representatives of local and regional authorities, development agencies and relevant centres and concerned public. Participants had the opportunity to learn about ways in which decision makers can (re)strengthen the resilience and adaptation of their counties/cities/municipalities to the climate change impacts. In addition to the idea and successful initiatives, an adaptation knowledge platform ( was presented, as well as various funding opportunities.

All materials on the platform are also available in English, and so can be used and capitalized by all the Mediterranean countries.

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