New bycatch pocket guides released

In the framework of the MedBycatch project, a pocket guide to help onboard bycatch observations in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey has been published as a complementary tool to the more comprehensive ID guide of Mediterranean vulnerable species.

The Identification Guide Of Vulnerable Species Incidentally Caught In Mediterranean Fisheries is a practical document that has been published within the MedBycatch project to help fishermen, bycatch observers and scientists, to identify and monitor vulnerable species caught incidentally in the Mediterranean.

The identification guide is the result of the collaboration between the MedBycatch project partners, namely ACCOBAMS, FAO/GFCM, SPA/RAC, IUCN-Med (coordinator of the final compilation and editing of the document), BirdLife Europe and Central Asia, MEDASSET, with the financial support of the MAVA Foundation, and the contribution of different Mediterranean experts and national partners of the project in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

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