Blue economy in the Mediterranean: Case studies, lessons and perspectives

Under the Bilateral Agreement between UNEP/MAP and IMELS

The blue economy integrates a diverse range of economic activities from coastal and marine tourism to maritime transport, fisheries and aquaculture, and offshore renewable energy. Its potential contribution to sustainable job creation, food security, clean energy supply, circular economy and sustainable mobility  in respect of the protection of the marine and coastal environment is huge. The UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention Secretariat, through its Plan Bleu / Regional Activity Center, carried out an identification and analysis of « case studies » with the ultimate aim of providing a Mediterranean perspective to the main blue economy issues and challenges and developing recommendations for a transition towards a Mediterranean blue economy in line with SDG 14.

The objective of this report is to assess and highlight the current weight and various opportunities provided by the blue economy in the Mediterranean in coherence with the environmental legislation and in support of sustainable development and to showcase a range of concrete examples and good practices of how blue economy works in the region. More specifically, the report aims:

·      to set out the current overall policy and socio-economic picture for the Blue Economy as well as future perspectives in the Mediterranean;

·      to illustrate the opportunities offered by the Blue Economy with a limited number of case studies drawn from various geographic areas and sectors;

·      to establish proposed strategic directions for the future development of Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region.





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