Decision to submit for COP21 from PAP/RAC

Decision IG.24/5: “Common Regional Framework for Integrated Coastal Zone Management”

The objective of this Decision is to facilitate the implementation of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) by providing strategic orientations for the implementation of ICZM at different geographical scales and administrative levels (from the whole Mediterranean through sub-regional to national/local levels) and detailing some of the tools and instruments needed for that, such as environmental assessments; monitoring; coordination of planning processes on land and sea; governance mechanisms; land policy, economic and fiscal instruments; training, communication and information activities – all this in a context of international cooperation among the Contracting Parties with the support of UN Environment/MAP and its Components.

The added value of this Decision is in:

  • introducing Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) as a part of the implementation of the ICZM Protocol, in line with the definition of the coastal zone within its landward and seaward limits;
  • clarifying the context in which climate change issues can be effectively addressed with the support of the Barcelona Convention (BC) system i.e. by including the adaptation measures into ICZM and MSP plans and strategies;
  • screening the existing instruments, provisions and measures (adopted within the BC system but also some of the most relevant world-wide instruments) and indicating when and why that should be used in combination to solve various environmental issues and ensure sustainability;
  • proposing a new Action Plan for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in 2020-2027.

 This Decision is one of the most comprehensive ones; it will enhance the synergy and coordination of the entire BC system and its strategic and policy instruments, which was one of the reasons behind the preparation and adoption of the ICZM Protocol.

If GES and environmental sustainability are the ultimate goals set for the BC system, they require approaches and processes able to lead the CPs towards these goals. It is not possible to regulate nature or environment; what man can do is to regulate the use he makes of them and his own behaviour i.e. change the socio-economic patterns that will yield positive effects on the state of environment.

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