Decision on Data Policy to submit for COP21 from INFO/RAC

A common data policy is needed to cover environmental data and information collected, acquired, processed and disseminated by UNEP/MAP through the INFO/RAC System called InfoMAP. To this end, the Main Elements and Roadmap for the Preparation of a UNEP/MAP Data Management Policy are presented, as Annex II of the Draft Decision. The document, which was reviewed by the INFO/RAC Focal Points Meeting (Rome, Italy, 16-17 April 2019), presents the general framework to develop a data policy within the MAP-Barcelona Convention system in order to support its data flows. The UNEP/MAP Data Management Policy applies to all kinds of data shared and provided from the

MAP-Barcelona Convention system, with particular reference to the Barcelona Convention Reporting System (BCRS) and the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme (IMAP).On the basis of the version reviewed by the INFO/RAC Focal Points Meeting, the Secretariat has continued working on revising the text of the Main Elements and Roadmap, mostly for accuracy and editing purposes. The version presented in Annex II includes these editorial changes and updated references to the legislation of the Contracting Parties and other policy documents. These changes did not affect the substantive content of the document.

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