Regardless to COVID, PAP/RAC continues to organize virtual courses to teach Integrated Coastal Zone Management to students from Mediterranean faculties.

Even the Covid did not stop PAP/RAC and partner universities (the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia and the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Al Hoceima, Morocco) from organizing the 2020-2021 edition of the course of MedOpen dedicated to ICZM and intended for an audience of master's level students. However, the health context prompted the MedOpen team, made up of experts in ICZM, university professors and a PAP/RAC member, to be creative in carrying out the course. With a start of university courses delayed, very limited possibilities of meeting to work, inability to meet local actors (as students are used to doing in this training), everything seemed to compromise the smooth running of this course. However, it was without counting on the willingness of the supervisory team and of the 53 students to complete their task. In order to stimulate course participation and strengthen student cohesion, the team set up a one-hour weekly meeting from the 5th week of the course which gathered both teachers and students from the two faculties. These events, which brought together more than 35 participants per week, injected exceptional momentum into this 2020-2021 edition which ended with an excellent success rate. Congratulations to the entire teaching team and to the students for this success!

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