Bringing Mediterranean islands together to stop plastic pollution through the BeMed initiative is the title of the webinar to kick-off the CapiMed-Islands project, which took place last 25th March, co-organised by SCP/RAC and SMILO during the Monaco Ocean Week.

CapiMed-Islands is a capitalisation process of plastic leakage prevention in islands, which is related to various initiatives and instruments within the Barcelona Convention, such as the Regional Plan for the Management of Marine Litter and the Post-2020 Strategic Action Programme for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean (Post-2020 SAP BIO). SCP/RAC, as part of the UNEP/MAP system, is committed to liaise with key initiatives on islands to bring their key elements into regional policies.

The event was conceived as an on line meeting with the five modular projects, winners of the call for projects for the Mediterranean islands last 2020, and other micro initiatives supported by BeMed to update on projects activities and bring them together through a capitalisation process conducted by CapiMed-Islands project. The tools, results and lessons learned will be transferred and shared to other islands and their representation in regional policies such as the Barcelona Convention and other capitalisation programmes will be ensured.

Individual projects related to tackle plastic pollution in islands, even if they achieve great results at island level, could limit its impact because of limitation in time and space, no harmonized approaches, insufficient replicability and lack of human resources and specific knowledge by local stakeholders to prevent effectively plastic pollution.

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