The SwitchersFund presents THE UNWRAP AWARD, a collaboration between SCP/RAC and Innovations Nest to prevent plastic packaging in the Balkans region

Innovation Nest has just launched an open call for the regional challenge for the prevention and reduction of single-use plastic packaging in the food and beverage sector in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

We welcome you to join us on this big challenge, to unwrap the future of food and beverage! It is estimated that around 278.000 tons of F&B plastic packaging is used in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (WB3) every year, the F&B sector is key in the national economies and offers great opportunities, including exports. The situation calls for action at different levels and offers entrepreneurship possibilities.

The challenge addresses directly the food & beverage industry, packaging solutions and business models for tackling plastic packaging value chains in a circular economy, and will reduce negative effects of plastic leakage into the environment as a main contribution, while keeping the plastic material in a closed loop. Emerging businesses will receive support to develop further their products and drive F&B industry to a more sustainable development. The market of WB3 involved in this important challenge will increase the knowledge and innovation capability, allowing for greater modernization and larger markets outreach. We strongly believe that the challenge-award approach promotes critical and creative thinking skills that are key in finding solutions.

The ‘Unwrap’ challenge is awarded by the SwichersFund an initiative led by SCP/RAC and Innovation Nest (INN), a dynamic Business Support Organization in the Balkans region and it invites entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations or SMEs to identify and commercialize existing and new solutions to packaging needs of the F&B sector in WB3.

We encourage you to find out more on

Applications will be accepted until: July 25th, 2019, at 12PM. 

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