SCP/RAC just signed a promising agreement with Albania to tackle marine litter sources in the Karaburun-Sazan MPA

An encouraging agreement had just been signed between SCP/RAC and the Regional Administration of Protected Areas in Vlora (RAPA) on the development of an action plan and the implementation of a measure to tackle marine litter sources in Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park.

This agreement is made within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between UN Environment/MAP and IMELS (Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea) signed in September 2016 and under which SCP/RAC develops a series of activities, some of which relates to the prevention of Marine Litter and in particular food and beverage packaging.

SCP/RAC, together with RAPA, will identify the best measure to prevent marine litter in Karaburun-Sazan MPA and will work on its successful implementation before the end of this year.  

Based on the previous project developed in the area, 3 possible measures have been identified:

  • Plastic waste collection and disposal system at beach areas (beach bars)
  • Collection and disposal of Marine Litter (fishing for litter scheme with artisanal fisherman)
  • Deposit-refund system scheme for Aquaculture waste

This activity will build on the methodology developed during the Interreg Med funded ACT4LITTER project, finalized in October 2018 and led by SCP/RAC.

The ACT4LITTER project facilitated efforts for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs through the development of effective and targeted measures towards reaching their conservation objectives via an ecosystem-based approach.

The SCP/RAC’s team is looking forward to starting the collaboration and undertaking actions in the MPA!

More Marine Litter prevention and mitigation measures will be implemented in Mediterranean MPAs by SCP/RAC through the Interreg Med funded Plastic Busters MPAs project. Stay tuned!


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