INFO/RAC National Focal Points meeting

The first meeting of INFO/RAC Focal Points was held on 16-17 April 2019 at the INFO/RAC premises in Rome. It was attended by 17 FPs, UN Environment/MAP coordinator, members of the MAP Communication Task Force from PAP/RAC, REMPEC and SCP/RAC, as well as a number of members of INFO/RAC staff. Almost all of the first day of the meeting was dedicated to the MAP Operational Communication Strategy which was presented to the participants in detail as a common effort of all the Task Force in the spirit of "Communication as ONE!". A vivid and very fruitfully discussion followed which resulted in several useful and practical suggestions to be taken into consideration. The participants were then divided into three groups with a task to prepare a campaign following instructions contained in the Strategy. All three groups enjoyed the exercise and were very successful in fulfilling the task. The Strategy is now ready for the next step towards adoption.More information..

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