ICZM Protocol ratified by Malta

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Spain, in its capacity of Depositary of the Treaty for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Mediterranean Seaside Region signed in Barcelona on 16 February 1976, informs that on 10 April 2019, the Republic of Malta deposited the Ratification Instrument of the ICZM Protocol. The Protocol entered into force on 10 May 2019.

PAP/RAC welcomes this ratification raising hopes that it will contribute to the effective protection and sustainable management of this part of the Mediterranean coast. The ICZM Protocol ratification by Malta brings the number of ratifications to 12.

The collaboration of PAP/RAC with Malta has always been very good. We are convinced that the ratification of the ICZM Protocol will further strengthen our collaboration in the field of ICZM.

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