Consultation meetings between UN Environment/MAP and Basel-Rotterdam-Stockholm (BRS) Conventions Secretariat, Minamata Convention Secretariat and UN Environment/Chemicals (Geneva, Switzerland, 8 January 2019)

On 7 December 2018, UN Environment/MAP and the BRS Conventions Secretariat signed an updated MoU. With the view to define concrete activities of common interest and where possible joint activities, a bilateral meeting was held on 8 January 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, between the UN Environment/MAP-Barcelona Convention Secretariat (lead by Gaetano Leone, Coordinator) and the BRS Conventions Secretariat (lead by Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary). Furthermore, on the same date, similar bilateral consultations were held between UN Environment/MAP and the Minamata Convention Secretariat, as well as between UN Environment/MAP and UN Environment/Chemicals. The main objective of these consultations was to maximize synergies and interactions between relevant work at the global and at the regional levels.

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