Capitalisation workshop of the MED Biodiversity Protection Community

The MED Biodiversity Protection Community organized a Community and Capitalisation event “Ecosystem based responses to Mediterranean biodiversity challenges” on the 6 and 7 May 2019 in Rome (Italy) gathering the 11 projects of the community. While the previous event, held in Brussels, was transferring the lessons learnt by the community to policy stakeholders, this workshop focused on giving visibility to the tools developed by the community and the capitalisation tool of PANACeA, the « Mediterranean biodiversity knowledge platform ».

The Community Building event (6 May)

The Community Building event held on 6th May was an opportunity to build upon the results of the Biodiversity Community “Interactive Session” in Podgorica (May 2018) which had as tangible result the report "Tools for Ecosystem-based Management". The event consisted of a hands-on workshop on the latest tools developed by the Biodiversity Protection Community and the capitalisation tool of PANACeA, the « Mediterranean biodiversity knowledge platform ».

The objective was to share the latest developments and results from testing tools and to explore their transfer capacity to other actors. Participants also had the chance to agree on the approach to showcase the tools at key upcoming events as the PANACeA Final Event (October 2019) and the MedPAN MPA Forum 2020.

The Open Seminar (7 May)

Throughout the spectrum of cooperation and collaboration with the private sector, the Open Seminar that was held on the 7th May was a great opportunity to share best practices and in-depth knowledge on land sea interface and coastal risks, on a first session, and co-management and governance on a second session.

Local, regional and public agencies authorities from many Mediterranean countries had the opportunity to debate during constructive roundtables with Nongovernmental organizations, research institutes and cluster of private companies about ecosystem-based responses to Mediterranean biodiversity challenges.

The resulting report will be made available on the Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection website very shortly. In the meantime, you can already find a number of conference materials, the speakers' presentations and a selection of images in the Community website.

Have a look at the tweets produced during our events by #PANACeAevent2019 and #BiodiversityProtection and at the Photo Gallery !


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