Finance is key to achieve a transition to sustainable business models and contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. In that respect, SCP/RAC, through SwitchMed has launched a survey to assess the perspective of Mediterranean investors and relevant stakeholders. The survey is still open, please send your feedback!

The survey aims at assessing the perspective of investors and relevant stakeholders in the Mediterranean and shed light on the level of awareness of these actors with regards to the main access to finance barriers faced by green economy activities and identify the most relevant enabling conditions required to increase sustainable investments in the future. 

This activity stems from the fact that an important instrument available to achieve sustainable development is finance, deployed in a way that investments can contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. 

The whole Mediterranean is facing systemic risks due to climate change, biodiversity loss and related social and economic instability. A multilevel coordinated action is needed to find lasting solutions where a profound integration of sustainable development principles into the mechanism of the economy and business is paramount in ensuring a future for the region. Sustainable finance thus becomes crucial to promote and sustain a financial flow aiming at strengthening the transition to more sustainable business models, investments, environmental and social projects and policies.

But what is the current situation in the Mediterranean area when it comes to sustainable finance? What are the instruments preferred by investors and what are the most relevant sectors to invest in and that vary according to the specific geographical and economic situations of each country? Are investors willing to tackle one or more specific SDGs? Understanding not only the needs of companies but also those of investors enables to identify alternative or more suitable solutions to the specificities of the green economy. 

The desire to give a voice to the main players in finance in the Mediterranean and to outline their trends is the basis of an exercise of understanding carried out by the SCP/RAC and comprised of a regional study, focus group activities, expert discussions and finally this questionnaire. Answer this survey here.


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