Watch SCP/RAC’s video unveiling facts about toxic chemicals present in our daily life plastic products.

Many of the chemicals used to produce plastic products are known to be toxic, some are recognized as  endocrine-disrupting chemicals or as persistent organic pollutants (the so-called POPs and new POPs listed under the Stockholm Convention, to which SCP/RAC is the Regional Centre for Spain, and addressed by the Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution from Land-Based Sources to the Barcelona Convention).  The video is available in French, English, Arabic and Spanish.

They play a key role in our everyday life and can be found all around us as: Flame retardants, Perflourinated chemicals, Phthalates, Bisphenols, Nonylphenols. Invisible to the eye yet present in a variety of products, furniture, electronics and toys, they may cause allergies and hypersensitivity, damage to the nervous system, reproductive disorders, and disruption of the immune system. Even if they’re banned under international laws, their use is sometimes allowed through exemptions. 

Actions must be taken to protect the environment, as we see impacts in both humans and wildlife, we strive to raise awareness among population finding ways in which citizens can engage in this effort. It is with this objective that SCP/RAC had released a short-animated video providing an overview of the toxic threat caused by toxic chemicals that surround us every day.

Did you know that chemicals can migrate out of products? Or that many toxic chemicals are used as additives in plastic? We all know that plastic remains in the environment for hundreds of years and can break up into micro and nanoplastics, but did you know that these can travel long distances? Did you know that chemicals, together with plastics can enter the food chain? Stay tuned to our news channel to find out more on how we can tackle this invisible but growing issue. Watch it here

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