Partnership with Fondation de la Mer: how does this new agreement support companies acting in the best interests of the ocean?

The agreement aims to promote and deploy the Ocean Benchmark and the Ocean Approved Label in the Southern Mediterranean countries as part of the ‘Switchers Support Programme’ coordinated by the SCP/RAC.

Representatives of the Fondation de la Mer and representatives of the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) signed a promising new partnership in November 2021, whose main activities are about to start.

Through this partnership, the two organizations wish to increase the impact of their respective actions related to the ocean and the blue economy, as well as their actions in support of green entrepreneurship and the development of sustainable business models in the Mediterranean basin.

The Fondation de la Mer has recently developed the Ocean Benchmark, used by companies to identify, measure and reduce their environmental impact, along with an international certification dedicated to the preservation of the oceans and seas, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 14: the ‘Ocean Approved’ label.

Recognizing, promoting and supporting ocean-friendly businesses is at the heart of the SCP/RAC’s mission, which is reflected in one of its main programmes: ‘The Switchers Support Programme’, which supports the development of green and circular businesses in the Mediterranean through an integrated strategy targeting green entrepreneurs, business support organizations, financial actors and policy makers.

Though this agreement, SCP/RAC and Fondation de la Mer will develop a mutual partnership in order to promote and deploy the Ocean Benchmark and the Ocean Approved Label in the Southern Mediterranean countries in the framework of the ‘Switchers Support Programme’. This will commence by supporting two pilot companies belonging to the Switchers community. The latter will be trained to develop an action and analysis plan based on the Ocean Benchmark and will be assisted in the certification process if they meet the Ocean Approved criteria.

As for SwitchMed, a green entrepreneur from the programme which has finalized its green business plan will also be selected in a second phase and then assisted in the development of an action and analysis plan based on the benchmark.

Following these pilot projects, the plan is for Fondation de la Mer to assist more companies. According to the partnership, Fondation de la Mer should also participate in the next green entrepreneurship trainings of the SwitchMed Blue Economy component.

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