PAP/RAC launched AdriAdapt platform on adaptation to climate change!

PAP/RAC team gladly announces that the knowledge platform AdriAdapt has been completed. The platform serves primarily as an inspiration for climate action to all Adriatic cities and regions, their development agencies, but also offers ideas to governmental, business and academic sectors.

The platform contains the following:

  • integrated adaptation planning tool (step-by-step guide);
  • more than 40 adaptation options; 
  • 11 case studies; 
  • climatic information for the region; 
  • several thematic guidelines, handbooks and guides for adaptation – from financing adaptation to enhancing coastal resilience; and
  • more than 50 different videos – from short ones (5–10 minutes) to full trainings and conferences held during the project. 

We particularly invite you to visit our Editor’s Picks videos!

All materials are available in English, Italian and Croatian. Although developed for the Adriatic region, the platform has been visited by users from 130 countries by now! This testifies that coastal challenges posed by climate change are similar worldwide!

We invite you to get involved into enhancing coastal resilience through climate action. Use this platform to act!

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