Press release - Minister Costas Kadis and Ambassador of Coast 2019 Xenia Loizidou launched Coast Day 2020 celebrations in Cyprus

On the occasion of the Mediterranean Coast Day 2020 in Cyprus, the celebrations were launched with a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Dr. Costas Kadis, an official of the Department of Environment, Mrs. Ioanna Konstantinidou,  and the Ambassador of the Mediterranean Coast and President of the AKT, Dr. Xenia Loizidou.

The three had a long and fruitful discussion. The Minister was briefed on the actions that have been implemented to celebrate Coast Day 2020, with emphasis to the center action #potavristou organized specifically the 25th of September by AKTI Project and Research Centre in collaboration with the Department of Environment.

Minister Kadis, in his statement for Coast Day 2020 said that “Each of us and all together, we can contribute to the mitigation of marine litter problem if we make changes in our lifestyle. Less consumption of single use plastic products and improvement in their management when they become a waste, can have significant impact to the improvement of marine environment. A healthy marine environment is both a right of all of us and a responsibility to the generations to come”. 

Ambassador of Coast 2019, Xenia Loizidou, urged for boosting the efforts to protect our precious Mediterranean, our “Mare Nostrum” and she thanked Minister Kadis for being a passionate advocate for the protection of marine Environment.

Future activities have been discussed and planned.  #potavristou #CleanOn #akti 

From left to right (by akti): Mrs. Ioanna Konstantinidou; Dr. Xenia Loizidou; Dr. Costas Kadis

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