Gaetano Leone

UNEP/MAP Coordinator
Barcelona Convention Secretariat


Zeljka Skaricic

PAP/RAC Director

Honorary Ambassador for the Coast 2020

By this title PAP/RAC honors, for the duration of one year, persons that inspire, through their work and engagement, the people from the Mediterranean and beyond, to better understand, protect and respect the coasts and their environment.

Mr. Oliviero Montanaro,

Director General for Sustainable Growth and Quality of Development of the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea,

for more than 20 years has been actively engaged in the protection of the Mediterranean marine environment and coastal region
through the implementation of the Barcelona Convention in his role of MAP and PAP/RAC Focal Point representative for Italy.

Enhancing air quality in the Mediterranean coasts

Introducing the Roadmap for a Proposal for the Possible Designation of the Mediterranean Sea, as a whole, as an Emission Control Area for Sulphur Oxides

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Decalogue to be a responsible coast citizen


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SeaWatcher App

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Quiz for children

Watch “Banquette” animated cartoon on erosion prevention and become a junior coast expert


The Istanbul Environment Friendly City award for Mediterranean Coastal Cities

The Award was created to recognize and recompense the efforts of local authorities to improve the environment and the quality of life and promote sustainable development in the Mediterranean coastal cities

Coast Day history


The Mediterranean Coast Day is an initiative to promote the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) as the optimal policy framework for achieving sustainable development of coastal areas, and the PAP/RAC, the Coastal Management Centre of UNEP/MAP, is the promoter of this action in the Mediterranean Region.

This initiative aims to increase environmental awareness among policy makers, academics, media, NGOs and local populations, but also to promote and implement activities that, at the same time, consider fragile, ecological, social and cultural contexts and lead to sustainable coastal development. 

In order to ensure a high visibility of this initiative for an active commitment to the protection of our coasts and the sea, the PAP/RAC invites prominent personalities, eminently qualified, as Ambassador for the Coast, in order to sollicit policy makers of all countries to join us. The Ambassador's role includes participating in the main Coast Day celebration and supporting efforts to raise awareness of the value of the coast and its sustainable development through interviews and messages. A new Coast Ambassador is appointed each year.

Coast Day continues to be celebrated every year in the Mediterranean. Each year the main celebration of the Mediterranean is organized in a different country, while other countries organize their own events.

Originally, October 24 was chosen as the Mediterranean Coast Day, but now it has been changed to September 25 to honor the date when Slovenia ratified the ICZM Protocol as the first Mediterranean country to do so. Now, 25 September is the date on which we celebrate the beauty of life here on our coast along the Mediterranean, and we invite you to join us and actively engage in the preservation of our sea and coasts. 

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