Instructions for participants

The following information is provided to assist the participant in order to ensure smooth participation in the on-line meeting.


Using ZOOM: please note that ZOOM will be used during this meeting. If you are not familiar with this tool then we highly recommend to test it before the conference, our team is available to help and schedule a live test, just send an email at

Setting up your devices: you should plug in your laptop charger and have your headphones with microphone near you if needed, we highly recommend to use them as a speaker, when you ask a question to ensure the audience hears you well. Remeber to configure Your Zoom Meeting Audio/Video.

Setting up your camera: you should set your camera: the best angle for the camera to capture your face is from the eye-level or a little above. If needed, add some books under your computer to reach the appropriate height. You should get close to the camera but not too close. The camera should frame your face, neck, and shoulders. Also, you should be at the centre of the frame.

Considering the light: you should light your face, and darken the space behind you: The light source should come from in front of you. Natural light is highly advised.

Clearing the background: you should pay attention to your background if you are at home and minimize background distractions for the audience.

 Naming yourself: When logging-in, please provide your name and affiliation as follows:

  • For representative of the Contracting Parties: Name of the Country represented + full name

Testing the connection speed: if you share your internet connection with others, you should ask if they can limit their data consumption. You should make sure the audience is not looking at a blurry or pixelated image.

You are kindly requested to log in 10 minutes before the start of the meeting to test your internet connection, microphone and camera.

More information on how to join a meeting and configure your audio and video devices here:


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