INFO/RAC Structure

Organisational chart

Director Giuseppina Monacelli
Deputy Director Carlo Cipolloni
Coordination UNIT
Communication Programme Officer Arthur Pasquale
InfoMAP Programme Officer Giordano Giorgi
Outreach Programme Officer Lorenza Babbini
Training Programme Officer Céline Ndong
InfoMAP Officer Cristian Di Stefano
Project Officer Alessandro Lotti
Information and Communications Technology
ICT Officer Fabio Baiocco
ICT Officer Andrea Tosti
ICT Officer Elio Giulianelli
ICT Officer Roberto Visentin
Communication, Dissemination and Training
Dissemination and Training Officer Alessandra Casali
Communication Officer Carla Iandoli
Communication Officer Chiara Bolognini
Translation Officer Rosanna Cucchi
Administrative support
Administrative Assistant Francesca Caldarelli

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