The SeaWatcher APP lands in Stintino

There will also be the SeaWatcher App at the upcoming "17th National Latin Sail Championship" to be held in Stintino, in Sardinia, from 21 to 24 September.  

SEAWatcher is an App linked to "StrongSeaLife, Survey and TReatment ON Ghost nets SEA LIFE", the project created under the LIFE programme, whose aim is to protect and improve the conservation status of Posidonia oceanica and the Coralligenous Reefs habitat. The project's study area includes the Gulf of Asinara and the north-western coast of Sardinia. 

Easy to use, the platform is a useful tool to encourage the involvement of all those who want to contribute to the fight against marine pollution through the collection of marine litter data. Available for both IOS and Android, all you have to do is 'download' it onto your mobile phone, search the index for the object or species that has been alerted and report it. So with a few simple steps anyone can contribute to environmental protection. 

Among the main stakeholders are certainly fishermen who can report the presence of ghost nets and equipment lost at sea, then divers, yachtsmen, tourists: everyone can play a fundamental role in restoring the marine habitat.  

In Stintino, the "Regata della Vela Latina" (Latin Sail Regatta), organised by the historic “Circolo Nautico Torres”, will host a series of events, conferences, shows, and activities related to maritime traditions from 21 to 24 September.  

"La Regata della Vela Latina" was established in Stintino in 1983 to safeguard the local fleet of lateen sails, the last in Italy to have preserved the original characteristics of this type of rig dating back to the early Middle Ages. 

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