Media policy

The media policy shows to users the rules of behavior to be kept in the spaces managed by INFO/RAC and indicates what content and which report methods should be expected. The Regional Activities Center for Information and Communication uses its website and social media to inform users and communicate with them through the network. The site and the social channels are managed by the INFO/RAC, which can make use of external collaborators and consultants.

Our contents

The contents published on the website and on social media channels are designed to inform everyone, from citizens to Institutions about the activities, projects, initiatives and events promoted by INFO/RAC and UNEP/MAP, and to promote their dissemination. The social channels are also used for participation through dialogue and dialogue with a view to transparency and sharing. The staff creates original textual, photographic, graphic, video, etc. content that can be used with CC-BY-SA License (Creative Commons - Attribution-Share at Same Mode 4.0 International). Through the Official channels, content and messages of public interest and usefulness made by third parties (institutions, associations, companies, media, citizens) may also be shared subject to verification of the reliability of the source.

In accordance with the international and United Nations standards, the staff promotes and enhances the collaborative dialogue with the communities of social media users (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The presence of advertising spaces in the margins of the content published on the social network pages used by INFO/RAC and UNEP/MAP is not under the control of the Center, but is managed independently by the administrators of the individual social networks.

INFO/RAC does not promote or share:

  • contents on subjects subject to legal disputes or statements that could be used against the Center;
  • information that is confidential or protected by the right to privacy, such as internal correspondence, third-party information on content, documents, projects not yet made public or related to ongoing proceedings;
  • personal information or sensitive data.



INFO/RAC social media channels are constantly and systematically moderated. The Center undertakes to manage communication and dialogue spaces within its own social profiles by asking its users to respect some simple netiquette rules:

  1. We ask everyone to express their opinion correctly and measure, based as far as possible on verifiable facts and to respect the opinions of others.
  2. In social networks everyone is responsible for the content they post and the opinions they express. However, insults, vulgarity, insults, threats and, in general, violent attitudes will not be tolerated.
  3. Published content must always respect people's privacy. References to facts or details without public relevance and which harm the personal sphere of third parties must be avoided.
  4. The interest of the topics with respect to the purposes of INFO/RAC is an essential requirement: it is not possible to use these spaces for purposes other than those of the Center.
  5. Every discussion is linked to a specific theme: we ask all participants to respect it, avoiding to widen the discussion in a generic and indiscriminate way.
  6. No form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities will be tolerated.
  7. Content that violates copyright or the unauthorized use of registered trademarks is not allowed.

In any case, all posts, comments or audio/video materials that:

  1. have a political or propaganda content;
  2. present an inappropriate language and / or a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone;
  3. present unlawful or inciting content to perform illegal activities;
  4. have content that is offensive, deceptive, alarmist, or in violation of the rights of third parties;
  5. disclose personal data and information or that can cause damage or damage the reputation of third parties;
  6. have obscene, pornographic or pedopornographic content, or such as to offend the sensitivity of users;
  7. have a discriminatory content by gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions;
  8. promote or support illegal activities that violate copyright or that improperly use a registered trademark.

For those who repeatedly violate these conditions or those contained in the policy of the instruments adopted, the staff reserves the right to use the ban or block (when possible after a first warning) to prevent further interventions, and to report the user to those responsible of the platform and eventually to the police. Messages containing personal data (email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) may be removed to protect the data subjects. For any further information concerning the processing of personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Privacy and processing of personal data

Please note that the processing of users' personal data responds to the policies in use on the platforms used. Personal or sensitive data included in comments or public posts within the social media channels managed by INFO/RAC may be removed. The data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the channel managers will be processed in compliance with the current regulations on the protection of personal data and the Privacy Policy.

Our Social Media accounts

INFO/RAC is present on Twitter and soon on Linkedin, the profiles are managed by the staff in charge of Communication and Dissemination of information that uses specialized communication consultants. Any social profiles of the Centre's employees and consultants are managed exclusively on a personal basis and follow the instructions of the internal social media policy.


The official Twitter profile is ______ reachable at the web address: ______ On Twitter it is possible to tweet, retweet and comment on the content published in compliance with the rules established in this social media policy. You can interact with the Staff, both publicly and via DM. In addition to the official profile of the Agency they are recognized as official profiles of projects or initiatives in which the INFO/RAC participates, vice versa it is not responsible for additional accounts - related to it - present on Twitter.


Users can send notice on the contents of this media policy to:

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