WES Project Newsletter

The seventh issue of the WES Project newsletter is now available.

As usual, this issue begins with an editorial by Professor Michael Scoullos, WES Project Team Leader, in which he emphasises the enabling conditions that are absolutely necessary for the successful implementation of policies, strategies and regulations, but which also require a thorough understanding and involvement of the general public, starting with young people.

The Newsletter reflects the strategy and methods applied within the WES Project to address major environmental problems in partner countries, such as the scarcity of water and other natural resources, and to reduce waste at all levels of production and consumption, promoting sustainable development. In particular, this issue reports on the regional training on water demand management and the drastic reduction of unbilled water; the regional training on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for educators and other stakeholders; the production of a video on good water management and saving; the workshop in Morocco on the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme for plastic bottles; the new activity to reduce the use of single-use plastics in Lebanon and the workshop in Tunisia on implementing sustainable public procurement in the construction sector.

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