WES project - Capacity building for water services in Egypt

At the request of the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, the "Water and Environment Support (WES) in the ENI Southern Neighborhood region" project carried out a national activity from September 2020 to March 2023 to build the capacity of water utilities to manage and reduce unbilled water (UBW) and detect water leaks.

The activity took place within the water network of the city of Asyut, a water supply system stretching over 200 km and including multiple water sources managed by The Asyut Water and Wastewater Company (AWWC). The city of Asyut is traditionally divided into two sub-areas: West Asyut (Al-Gharb) and East Asyut (Al-Sharq); these two areas formed the project study zone.

The activity also supported the Real Water Loss Reduction Strategy (2017) prepared with the support of the second phase of the EU Water Sector Reform Programme, which promotes an integrated strategy for the reduction of unbilled water and its alignment with the real water loss reduction strategy.

This activity has enabled the AWWC in Asyut to reduce the amount of unbilled water and improve its management.


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