WES Press release - The Management of Water Demand in domestic, public and tourism sectors of Morocco

A consultation workshop organized by WES in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment and Water and the EU Delegation to Morocco

The economic and social development of Morocco, in combination to the impacts of climate change, has increased considerably the water demand for urban and rural populations, industries, tourist establishments, as well as for agricultural uses.

In 2020, water demand in Morocco was estimated at 16.2 billion cubic meters (BCM) (including 1.7 BCM for drinking, tourism and industrial water supply). This demand is likely to increase further in the future and particularly under the impacts of climate change.

 To address this urgent water demand problem, the EU funded Water and Environment Support (WES) project implements the Activity "Supporting water demand management related to water scarcity in Morocco" in order to support the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment and Water in advancing its Water Demand Management (WDM) efforts in the domestic, public and tourism sectors. Read more

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