WES Press Release: Regional Training on Awareness Raising and Education for Sustainable Development

The interconnected crises of global depletion of natural resources, food shortages, biodiversity loss, and climate change are strongly linked to the fact that more is demanded from nature than it can provide. In order to avoid catastrophic consequences and move forward, values, attitudes and behaviours must change at many levels.

In order to find responses to address these problems, WES organises 2 sets of Regional Trainings on Awareness Raising and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), each one including three webinars. The first webinar of the first set under the title: “Distilling the priorities and updating the ESD Action Plan for 2030 in the Mediterranean” gathered more than 70 participants from ministries, international organisations and relevant agencies, academic institutions and educators, CSOs and NGOs working on ESD, on July 14th, 2021. Read more

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