WES Press Release - Presentation of projects on green entrepreneurship and circular economy in Algeria

Algerian university students presented their projects on green entrepreneurship and circular economy in the framework of the EU funded project “Water and Environment Support” (WES)

In the framework the National activity that is implemented under the “Water and Environment Support” (WES) project and aiming at “Supporting Algerian university students in the conceptualization and presentation of circular economy and green entrepreneurship projects”, a final project pitching session was organized on June 23rd 2022, at the University of Boumerdes in Algeria.  

During this session, eighteen projects promoting green and circular economy were presented and defended by the students. These projects covered numerous fields, e.g. replacing plastic with mycelium, obtaining glue from leather waste, recycling cooking oil to make biodiesel, recycling cigarette butts, as well as waste textile, wood and glass valorisation. 

This hybrid session is the last of a series of 12 training sessions (30 hours in total) organized for the benefit of 30 students that were carried out between March and June 2022. Read more

Read the Arabic version here

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