WES Information Bulletin on the regional activity ''On-line repository on municipal waste management''

As part of the workplan of the EU funded Water and Environment Support (WES) Project, a regional activity took place throughout 2021 resulting in the identification of 20 Mediterranean best practices from the WES Partner Countries (PC) and a few from EU Mediterranean countries that are mainly focused on the implementation of the 3Rs (Reduction, Recycling, and Reuse) for municipal waste in the WES PC: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia.

These 20 selected practices are presented via the on-line "repository" (in English and French) that was designed and developed by the WES consortium members, MIO-ECSDE, LDK Consultants and ACR+, with the support and in collaboration with the UfM, UNEP/MAP and COMPSUD (Circle of Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development), to promote circular economy and waste reduction.

So, the WES Project Team is pleased to share with you the WES Information Bulletinto give further details to stakeholders, about how WES co-designed and delivered this activity and where to access the fact sheets on each of the good practices in English and French.

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