WES Info - Water demand management and related policy instruments in Morocco

At the request of the Moroccan government, the Water and Environment Support (WES) project carried out a national activity focusing on domestic, public and tourist uses of water in order to support the Ministry of Equipment and Water (MEE) in improving Water Demand Management (WDM) in Morocco.

 The main objectives of this action were

  • PromoteWDM in Morocco as well as incentive and constraining measures, and also awareness raising;

  • Identify technical opportunities for increasing the efficiency of water use according to the different types of use;

  • Develop instructions for improving knowledge of water use according to the uses concerned and quantify its consumption in order to define water saving targets and design water demand management programmes;

  • Establish a dialogue between stakeholders for the integration of sectoral policies with WDM, and to agree on the multi-sectoral action plan and proposed recommendations for improving WDM in Morocco.

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