The WES Project Newsletter

The sixth issue of the WES Project newsletter is now available.

As usual, this issue begins with an editorial by Professor Michael Scoullos, team leader of the WES project, in which the latter, following the assessment of the work carried out during the year 2021, appreciated the cooperative spirit within the WES project but also the boosting effect of this project in the Mediterranean region despite the Covid 19 pandemic. The Professor also confirmed that for 2022 this dynamism will make it possible to develop more synergies and favorable conditions for a constructive atmosphere and a indispensable cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

This issue focuses on the approval of the WES project workplan for 2022; the water harvesting and natural water retention measures in the MENA Countries; the water demand management in MENA countries; the Cairo Water Week 2021; the improved access to fresh water at lower cost for Palestinians; the support for the promotion of sustainable consumption and production and circular economy; the best practices in achieving waste reduction in the Mediterranean; and the gender and youth.

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