WeMed Award: the call for applications is now open!

The WeMed Mediterranean Sustainability Award is one of the first awards aiming to recognize an inclusive transition to sustainability in the Mediterranean. The region of the southern Mediterreanean faces an array of environmental and social challenges. Climate change, biodiversity loss, rapid urbanization and increased resource consumption and waste are just a few of these challenges that require radical change to confront.

 Luckily, there are many SMEs adopting environmental and social innovations in their business models that tackle these challenges. However, they face many obstacles that “business-as-usual” companies, that don’t take into account any of their social or environmental impacts, don’t face. This is why an enabling policy environment is key to let circular and green businesses thrive in the Mediterranean.

 In its first edition 2021, the award seeks to identify change makers within the following categories:

  • Green entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative and sustainable business models
  • Public authorities with initiatives promoting and supporting sustainable businesses

 The sustainable business models award recognizes projects that are in their “early stage”, under 3 years old, with a reward of 10,000 €, and projects in their “growth stage”, older than 3 years, with a reward of 15,000 €.

 On the other hand, the award seeks to recognize the efforts of public authorities, such as municipalities, ministries, and other public organizations that have launched successful initiatives that support the development of green and circular businesses. The winning authority will receive an honorary award as well as a study visit for its members. In order to identify the policy initiatives that could influence positively the enabling environment for sustainable businesses, the following document, developed by SCP/RAC under SwitchMed will be very enlightening.

 Applications are open from the 15th of June to the 15th of July, and you are invited to apply to get recognition and support for your project. The award’s page, has all the information required to successfully go through the application process.

 The WeMed Award has been created by SCP/RAC as part of the Switchers Support Programme. The WeMed Award is a flagship initiative of the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development. The first edition of WeMed is funded by the EU through the SwitchMed Programme.

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