Two call for tenders from MedWaves !

MedWaves the centre for international cooperation on development and innovation based on the sustainable consumption and production approach, published an advertisement for the search of technical assistance in Bar, Montenegro. 

Are of two distinct calls: the first is for  an expert to design a circular economy pilot action on copper ore management, recycling and water reuse in the dry bulk terminal of the “Port of Bar” A.D., in Montenegro . 

The objective of the consultancy is to design an engineering solution/proposal to recover rainwater contaminated with copper ore, treat this contaminated water to recover copper ore for recycling/reuse at the Bor mines (Serbia) avoiding copper ore losses, reuse recycled water in a sprinkler system that reduces the dust during the bulk cargo handling and explore opportunities of rain harvesting water for the sprinkler system and/or for other uses in the port. 

Duration: from november 2023 to february 28th 2024. 

For the second, Medwaves looking for also a company specialized in events organization to support the organization of the training event in Bar, Montenegro, on circular economy in the blue economy sectors. The main goal of the event is to give an introduction to the circular economy concept, with a specific focus on the blue economy sectors and to review the most relevant cases studies that are currently ongoing in other European ports. This support will include communication with speakers and attendants, selection and booking of the venue, translation and catering, among other aspects related to the event organization. 

The training will take place in Bar, Montengero, in January 2024. Final date to confirmed. 



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