Three workstreams for a zero-waste clothing and textile sector in the Mediterranean

The first-ever International Day of Zero Waste was observed the last 30 March. (Hashtags: #BeatWastePollution & #ZeroWasteDay). This new observance was adopted on 14 December 2022 during a UN General Assembly resolution put forward by Turkey with 105 other countries.

To mark this first edition, a story on the zero-waste agenda in the clothing and textile sector in the Mediterranean has been produced. This, of course, is one of several angles envisaged for the next editions. A work on solid waste and plastics could be next.

The story explains how the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production MedWaves is helping weave sustainability into the fabric of the Mediterranean fashion industry. Please read the story:

MedWaves colleagues have also launched an important campaign entitled: “Eco-innovators On Board”. STAND Up! project launches new media campaign to boost innovative start-ups acting on Textile and Clothing sustainability. For further information on this campaign, please click here

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