The world together for climate UNEP MAP at COP27

The Mediterranean Action Plan of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP/MAP) will take part in the UN Conference on Climate Change that will be held in  Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) from 6 to 18 november 2022.

UNEP/MAP is the voice of Mediterranean and at COP 27 will advocate for healthy marine and coastal ecosystems as a pillar of resilience to climate change. 

Over 40,000 participants, around 100 heads of state and government and tens of thousands of delegates. A diverse representation that promises to have the largest number of participants at the annual global climate conference.

 The summit will take place at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center (SHICC), which will form the entire Blue Zone of COP27. The Blue Zone is where all negotiations between delegates will take place. In addition, many dynamic events will be organised by governments and accredited observers, including young advocates and scientists.

The 22,500 square metre Green Zone is where the business community, youth, civil society, academia and artists from around the world will participate.  The aim is to promote inclusive and dynamic dialogue and engagement among climate actors through events, exhibitions, workshops, cultural performances and conferences.

 The Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit will be held from 7 to 8 November and will bring together all participating heads of state and government.  Several panel discussions will focus on important topics such as: Just Transitions, Food Security, Innovative Finance for Climate and Development, Investing in the Future of Energy, Water Security and Climate Change and Sustainability of Vulnerable Communities.

 The Egyptian COP27 Chairmanship has also organised several key thematic days that will include opportunities for engagement in panels, discussions, roundtables and side events. Key areas of focus include the promise of innovation and clean technologies, as well as the centrality of water and agriculture in the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, energy transition, decarbonisation efforts and finance. Three days will be dedicated to young people and future generations, gender and civil society, their contributions, the challenges they face, the solutions they offer and how to integrate their engagement in climate policy planning and implementation.

 More information here:
The full thematic day calendar and elements here.
The full details on all initiatives here.

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