The IMAP Pilot Info System is on-line.

The system developed by INFO/RAC is able to collect data for 11 IMAP Common Indicators.

The IMAP Pilot Info System is ready, fully operational and able to collect data from 1st July 2019. 

IMAP Pliot Info System website is accessible to the general public. Login for Contracting Parties (CPs) and MAP users is needed to access the reserved sections.

The system has been tested with the support of the Italian Focal Points for the 3 clusters of Common Indicators. The system is open to be further tested with data provided by Contracting Parties and able to collect data flows.

Full support will be given to all the users that are interested to test its functionalities and want to upload available data sets.

An IMAP Pilot Info System User Guide has been developed to provide general assistance to users and a dedicated e-mail has been set up ( to support CPs during the data upload.


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