The Mediterranean and the reduction of air pollution caused by ships

Ms. Tatjana Hema, UNEP/MAP Coordinator, participates in the event “Mediterranean efforts to reduce air pollution from ships” organised by the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean (REMPEC) of IMO-UNEP/MAP.  
This event will be held at Mediterranean Pavilion, co-organized by UNEP/MAP, UFM and PRIMA and represents an opportunity to present the measures put in place, in collaboration with regional stakeholders, to implement the concrete activities defined in consultation with beneficiary countries to support the ratification and effective implementation of MARPOL Annex VI, which globally regulates the prevention of air pollution from ships.

Aim of event the is to raise awareness of the regional synergy established to reduce air pollution from ships in the Mediterranean region through technical cooperation and capacity building activities.

The Mediterranean Strategy (2022-2031) establishes seven Common Strategic Goals (CSOs), in particular CSO 2 - Promote and support the development and implementation of innovative global solutions to mitigate and respond to climate change and CSO 3 - Reduce and monitor atmospheric emissions from ships to a level that is not harmful to the marine environment or the health of the Mediterranean coastal population.

These developments have created momentum in the region by accelerating the process of reducing air emissions from ships through several coordinated initiatives.


Dr. Ali Abo Sena, CEO, EEAA, Egypt

Ms. Tatjana Hema, Coordinator, UNEP/MAP

Ms. Camille Bourgeon, Technical Officer, Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Sub-Division for Protective Measures, Marine Environment Division, IMO

Mr. Stéphane Pailler (MEAE), PAMEx and its Local Financial Facility

Mr. Pino Musolino, MEDports Association

Mr. Matteo Bocci, Senior Associate, WestMED Initiative

Mr. Mario Dogliani, President, SDG4MED, LIFE4MEDECA project


Mr. Gabino Gonzalez Deogracia, Head of Office, REMPEC

 Appointment on 15 November at 15.30 pm at the Mediterranean Pavilion.


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