The "Festival of Mediterranean Citizens" in Catania

From 2 to 5 June Catania will host the "Festival of Mediterranean Citizens". The event will bring together civil society actors to build together a 'new Mediterranean' based on the values of citizenship and human rights.
On the programme will be public debates, interviews with authors, film screenings and artistic performances, workshops, exhibitions: topics such as ecological transition, civil society's protagonism, participation for change and the crisis of democracy will be discussed.
An event of international scope, the Festival will feature, among others, researchers, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs and politicians gathered together to talk about different topics: from the Mediterranean to rights, from the challenges of ecological transition to resilient civil society, from women in society to different cultures, from participation for change to the crisis of democracy.
The initiative is promoted by the EU Programme Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality and the Municipality of Catania, in collaboration with UniCt.

To download the Festival leaflet, please click here

To download the Festival Program, please click here

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